Active Attenuators: MU
Active Multiples: MU
Digital Attenuators: MU
Mankato Filter: MU
Mixer: MU
Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter: MU
Pulse Matrix: MU
Signal Amplifiers: MU
The Sea Devils Filter: MU
Wave Folder: MU
Sequencer Complement: MU
Time Buffer: MU
Time Divider: MU
Universal Power Distribution Board: MU
Power Cable: MU

Eurorack format modules can be found at Analogue Haven, Schneider's Laden, Escape From Noise, Equinox Oz Music Solutions, Moog Audio, and Post Modular.

Please address inquiries to erwill at suitandtieguy dot com.

All Moog-format (MU) modules require power systems from and are physically compatible with Moog and cabinets and rack frames.

Due to seller protection requirements, I will only ship to the address listed in your Paypal payment.